Throughout the trail there will be informational signs, showing the species of plants and animals, which can be encountered on the trail as well as objects of cultural interest.
Biking Loop Trail 
  • Distance:  7.3 KM
  • Avarage duration:  15-20 MIN
  • Elevation gain:  196 M
  • Elevation loss:  196 M
  • Elevation Max: 1256 M
  • Elevation Min:  1153 M
  • Difficulty: Easy
Giqor Trail 
  • Distance:  3.86  KM
  • Avarage duration:  50-60 MIN
  • Elevation gain:  73.9 M
  • Elevation loss:  442 M
  • Elevation Max: 1245 M
  • Elevation Min:  845 M
  • Difficulty: Moderate

In the beggining of the Gikor trail you will see a sign with a bar code, scan this barcode with your phone and the audio of the Gikor story will play. You can listen to the audio in english or Armenian.

Dsegh Trail
  • Distance:  6.5  KM
  • Avarage duration:  1H 40 MIN
  • Elevation gain:  339 M
  • Elevation loss:  623 M
  • Elevation Max: 1210 M
  • Elevation Min:  926 M
  • Difficulty: Moderate

In the center of the Dsegh Village you will see a information panel with Hovhannes Tumanyan’s Artwork. After scanning it with your phone the animation of Tumanyan will greet you.

General Information

The area of Dsegh village is rich in ancient monuments and ancient trails passing through gorges. This area was formerly the headquarters of the Mamikonian aristocratic dynasty. The Giqor Trail, also called the Dzaghidzor Trail, was used in the Middle Ages and is a road-monument.

While hiking this trail, you will see the well-known Giqor Mountain Spring, Bardzrakash St. Gregory Monastery, khachkars(cross-stones), a stone mill and other historical monuments. While cycling along the Bike Loop Trail, you will enjoy the amazing views of the Martz, Debet and Dzoraget canyons. Afterwards, you can hike to the beautiful gorge of Dzoraget by the Dsegh Trail, which was formerly the main connecting road of Dsegh village.