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BarevTrails Tatev

Tatev is part of Armenia’s Syunik province, which is an area known for its valuable cultural heritage and lush nature. Home to an ancient monastery, Tatev has traditionally been a touristic site. On this trail, however you will be exploring the massive Vorotan Gorge, and seeing all that lies between the famous Tandzatap Village and the Devil’s Bridge Natural Monument. An adventurous experience that you won’t likely forget is waiting for you.

BarevTrails Arpa

During the second visit of our volunteers, 3 trails have been created in the “Arpa” Protected Landscape. The trails allow a visitor to explore biodiversity, observe Bezoar Goats and enjoy the Noravank Canyon from bird’s eye view.a

BarevTrails Jermuk

The trail passes through Arpa river canyon connecting Gndevaz village and Gndevank medieval monastery complex with Kechut reservoir.
Some parts of the trail have been used in ancient times by people and animals. The Arpa river canyon has rich flora and fauna, and it is famous for its massive and beautiful rocks.

BarevTrails Dsegh

The area of Dsegh village is rich in ancient monuments and ancient trails passing through gorges. This area was formerly the headquarters of the Mamikonian aristocratic dynasty. The Giqor Trail, also called the Dzaghidzor Trail, was used in the Middle Ages and is a road-monument.

Meet our Trailbuilders

Hayk Tiraturyan BarevTrails is not just building ecotourism infrastructure. This amazing project helps build bridges between European volunteers and their Armenian peers. And out of this cultural exchange great things emerge!

Head of WWF Armenia’s Fundraising and Partnerships Department

Joey Fisher I will never take for granted how incredible it has been waking up to spectacular views each morning and having the opportunity to work collaboratively with such motivated, passionate and fun people on a project that will have a lasting, positive impact. The accomplishments of this trip and the people I've met will always be in my heart.

United Kingdom

Patrick Löst To have implemented the project tasks takes me one step further to my dream; the protection of the nature in the world. To do it with this outstanding and fabulous group was a dream itself.


Laura Tröger Never could have imagined how great this trip would be. The country and the people surprised me so much that words can’t describe my feelings about this journey. It was a pleasure for me to be a member of our incredible international team.


Faye Lightfoot Couldn't have asked for a better experience. I felt completely appreciated by everyone, the staff and the camp mates. I felt like everyone just bonded instantly and it really proved that Wesser is truly a family. It was amazing meeting the Armenians too, they really embraced our craziness and it was so brilliant learning the local cultures. Thank you to everyone who made my experience so wholesome and unforgettable.

United Kingdom

Christian Heeren Building a path to experience life in it's most natural form; my wounds still hurt from the hard work. I can't wait to continue.


Nicole Mastai Who knew that a place so unknown would give so many people the joy of pure happiness. Armenia is so timeless, so untouched and so real it touched our heart in the deepest way. The opportunity to be real and make a difference by leaving the achieved goal of a breathtaking trail which others will be able to enjoy, has been one of the biggest opportunities of my life. Thank you all for this gift of life.


Kore Kaluzynski Experiencing the nature of Armenia, the hard work on the trail, the loving community of people around me and my own strength and passion has given me a lesson that I will take with me wherever I go next. Thank you for that opportunity to learn and share.


Emma Wiethoff I really enjoyed getting to know Armenia. Before I went there, I knew nothing about the country and I'm really impressed by its beautiful nature. But the most impressive thing about the trip - were the people. So many different characters, but all special in their own way, who built together a real community. Thank you.


Max Fioravanti Sometimes you just know that you've been part of something that really can make a difference. We've been breathing a lot of wind in the fire of change in the past 9 nine days. We did not only build a bridge for the trail, we built it between beautiful humans of different nations. Thank you all so much.


Idris Al-Abyad Hard to imagine what an impact this project, together with the most beautiful individuals of my world, will make on our future. Thank you so much for the possibility to be a part of this amazing group and for sharing your life with mine.


Viktoria Schrott Love was a huge thing on this trip. I think most people discovered their love for the Armenian countryside, the yummy food and the 'oh so nice' people. They may even have experienced a little more love for themselves. I specially learned to love goats and vodka. Thank you!


Manuel Baumgartner This project is the beginning of a dream come true. Top motivated and committed employees of Wesser came together in the amazing, breath-taking Armenian nature to work with local people with combined power for conservation. Everyone can make a difference - and even more together... we all felt that in Tatev: Wings of change!

Head of Project Wesser Foundation, Switzerland

Hermine Hakobyan This project is much more than just a development of ecotourism infrastructure. Volunteers will visit cultural sights getting acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of Armenia, will try Armenian cuisine, communicate with the locals experiencing their hospitality and warmth. They will become let’s say "ambassadors" of Armenia in their countries.

Head of WWF-Armenia’s Communications Department